It is the production process which defines the quality of product. So for us it is the most important part of our organizational priority and we constantly keep on improving it by applying latest research carried out by our R&D personnel and continuous improvement of techniques and skill sets. At JHSTEELBALLS, we constantly keep on learning new things from the seniors in the industry and we also motivate our human resource to update their knowledge about the industry and improve their skills on regular bases.

We firmly believe that synchronisation of every production process is the key to quick success, which we have achieved through carefully designed production process and its implementation through the constant supervision by senior production engineers round the clock to minimizes manufacturing defects and production loss. Because any failure in the process result in to loss of raw material, man hours and energy which result in to decreased quality and delay in delivery schedule, which ultimately increase customer complaints and production cost.

Achieving almost zero defects is a big challenge to any manufacturer, but we love such challenge! Our human resource is well qualified, experienced and regularly upgrading skill set as per latest manufacturing standards and consciously acknowledges that production process failure is not only monetary loss but the loss of individual credibility also. We at JHSTEELBALLS regularly check raw material, machinery and instruments before the commencement of production work to minimize chances of any kind of failure during the process. To achieve best results we have introduced advance technology machinery and instruments. Apart from these, we constantly check every operation; Steel Balls are checked randomly at regular interval during different stages of production. From annealing, wire drawing, cold forging, flashing, heat treatment, grinding, lapping to inspection all the process are carried out in perfect harmony with utmost care with the help of advance machinery & instruments to make best quality Steel Balls, Tapered and Cylindrical Rollers. It is this dedication and passion which make us different from the rest of the industry.


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