Chrome steel balls are a heavy-duty alternative to balls made of weaker materials such as plastics and polymers. As a bearing grade alloy steel, chrome steel offers the ideal durability, performance, and surface characteristics required by many industries.

Chrome Steel Advantages

Provides a relatively high load-bearing capacity for its weight

High durometer/hardness rating

No water absorption

Exceptional resistance to deformation and wear

Provides a consistent, high-quality fine surface finish

Offers maximum strength for a variety of heavy-duty industrial uses

Properties such as hardness and strength lead to a long lifetime of usage

Chrome Steel Weaknesses

Low to no resistance to corrosion and oxidation

Magnetic properties limit some usages

Balls manufactured from chrome steel typically hold up well under extreme conditions. The martensitic structure of chrome steel balls is very hard with a high tensile strength and high resistance to wear.

This makes chrome balls ideal for use in heavy-duty industrial and chemical situations. Other applications requiring the use of such durable chrome spheres include automotive parts, high-speed ball bearings, and lock mechanisms.

Chrome Steel Balls Applications

Aerospace Engineering

Automotive Manufacturing

Food Grinding Systems

Vibratory Finishing

Linear Motion Components

Check Valves

Ball Bearings & Roller Bearings

Tumbling Media


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